Akini Blake Delivers with New Single “I’ll Be Loving You”

Akini Blake I'll Be Loving You
Singer Akini Blake displays stunning vocals in his latest single, “I’ll Be Loving You.” Officially released on July 3, 2020, the track was produced by his own label, Kingdom Music Group. Through this track, he hopes to project some positive energy towards his listeners, at a time when it is most needed.

“The entire world is filled with so much hurt right now. But I truly believe that energy flows where attention goes, we get what we focus on. I just choose to lend my gaze to what could be, as opposed to the illusion of what is. “I’ll Be Loving You” is my contribution towards that perspective,” he explained.

The high energy track has been getting well-deserved praise since its release, cementing the fact that the message is being received.

“Music is extremely subjective, so my process has always been to find and continue to seek out those that connect with who I am as a person and the value I create. This way, as long as I stay true to who I am, I’ll always feed my tribe. I find that this record connected in a deep and profound way with my supporters; maybe because it helps magnify hope,” the singer further expressed.

Born in Trinidad, Blake grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Fully immersed in music his entire life, the singer has been in the game professionally for the past nine years.

I’ve studied so many different genres- classical, folk, gospel, reggae, blues, r&b, dancehall, calypso, jazz, country, hip hop, all in an effort to understand emotional delivery. I think each of those contributed immensely to the Akini Blake sound. It allows me to have a truly diverse group of supporters,” the singer expressed about his sound.

With past hits including “Over”, “With You” and “Wild Life” featuring Dancehall artiste Mavado, the singer is currently putting all the focus into his forthcoming first album, with an aim to increase his domestic and international reach musically.

Distributed by Zojak World Wide, “I’ll Be Loving You” is available for streaming and purchase on major digital platforms such as iTunes, Soundcloud and Apple Music.