Al Cizarr Bridging Gap With New Song Release “45”

Al Cizarr 45
MAU and Bpm Plus Asia bring to your attention another artist on the brink of breaking out. The mysterious Tokyo-based artist Al Cizarr intentionally keeps his past shrouded from the public. His latest release “45” is a sinister statement of purpose. The cinematic MV brings a spotlight to the darker through ways of Tokyo, where Al and his crew get their work done.

The neon backstreets of Shibuya come to life as Al Cizarr’s affected patois explains the situation: cross Al Cizarr and his gang and vengeance will be quick. His world is a battlefield and he’s going to take care of his own.

But just by listening to his music, it’s obvious his roots are global and his love of dancehall is a lived experience. While music from the West Indies grow in popularity in Japan, Al Cizarr might be the one to finally bridge the two cultures properly