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Anaves Music presents the studio video and preview links for Thera P ‘Still’

Anaves Music Still
“Almost midnight, she’s still awake…”, sings Thera P. (aka Theresa Pribasnig) at the beginning of her German song “Still”, already the second single production by Anaves Music and the singer from Vienna. With this song, Thera P. wants to draw attention to the situation of people in precarious living conditions. Existing social inequalities and poverty have intensified since Corona, certain groups are particularly often left behind in the current difficult times.

The musical lightness of the soulful reggae rhythm contrasts with the haunting, serious message of the song, which is presented through three gripping fates: The song tells of a single mother who has to struggle with enormous multiple burdens, of a young boy with a migration background who is overwhelmed with everyday school life and dreams in vain of a good professional future, and finally of a harvest worker who is stuck in a foreign country and has to work and live there under catastrophic conditions.

“I’m a single parent myself, albeit privileged – yet I’m facing huge challenges at the moment and I wouldn’t be able to do it all without the support of others,” the singer says. “I want to give a voice to those who have it even harder and encourage them to stand up for their rights. Solidarity is needed now, more than ever! We all need to stick together, together we are strong and we can make a difference. And we will not be quiet until things finally get better! “

Accompanied by soulful piano and saxophone sounds from David Koberger and Sebastian Schwager as well as drum recordings by Dominik Gall, the thoughtful lyrics nestle beautifully with the track’s sophisticated harmonies by means of Thera P.’s distinctive voice. German dub expert Umberto Echo provides the perfect finishing touches to the sound and also contributes an instrumental dub version. Soulfood!

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