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Bassist Dub On Mars Releases ‘Colors’ EP

Dub On Mars Colors
After the single “Drunk with sweetness” with Awa Fall, producer and bassist Dub on Mars releases “Colors” EP. In the EP there are 5 songs in collaboration with artists both from Italy and from around the world.

The concept behind explains how colors can affect us and touch our souls with different impressions. For example how black can communicate strength or how blue is often related with sadness and red with love and passion. Just to name a few of the variety of emotions that the color range can recall.

This diversification also can be appreciated on the vocal ranges of artists participating on the 5 tracks. This unicity creates an extremely eclectic and multifaceted album.

In addition to Awa Fall, also Dragonflys, Giallo Man, Oumy, Twan Tee and Veronica are part of the EP. The songs are about many different topics like social commitment, self-exploration and female power but also the classic love story theme.

The artist behind the EP cover artwork is Matteo Anselmo, a skilled graphic designer, illustrator and creator of many international reggae music covers.

The main subject of this space themed illustration is a starship. Colors are the focus here and they gift the stylised elements with a eye pleasing additional touch.

Many musicians took part in the album production, held both in person that in smart working due to the pandemic. They are Lambert Forani (sax), Luca Fusari (guitars), Matteo Paggi (trumpet and trombone), Riccardo Pasquali (keyboards), Luca Ventura (percussions).

Bass, music production and mix are from Dub on Mars himself, unlike the mastering which was entrusted to Simone Squillario.

“Colors” is available on most music streaming platforms.