“Today is a glorious day.Buju is free. Lets go king shit.True greatness.” Said Diddy amongst the artists that celebrated Banton’s release on social media.

Buju was released from prison on 8th December, 2018, according to CNN ,Banton headed straight to the recording studio soon after arriving in Jamaica. He was born Mark Antony Myrie on 15th July,1973. Jamaicab dancehall, ragga and reggae musician. He was convicted in february 2011 of illegal possession of a firearm and consipiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute and he was sent to Georgia’s McRae correctional facility. He was to serve ten years sentence but the judge threw out the gun charge and reduced to seven years.

Buju arrives in Jamaica

He has twelve studio albums and 8 mixed albums. The last was released in 2010. He has set a long walk to freedom tour 2019 starting in March in Nassau,Bahamas and another in Trinidad on April 22, 2019 is confirmed. His comeback is stronger than his setback!