Dancehall Artiste Millitant Promotes his latest single ‘Enough’

Millitant enough
Dancehall artiste Millitant tugs at heart strings with his appeal in his latest single, titled “Enough.” Released in June 2020, the track was produced by Paypaz Chasaz Muzic  and Love Star Music. The motivation behind the song was the high levels of crime and violence currently in Jamaica.

“It’s not just a song but a message to the people of Jamaica telling them to ease the killing because it’s not right to be killing our own and it doesn’t look good in the media; it’s putting the country in a state of depression,” the artiste expressed. With the well-needed message, it’s no wonder that the song has been well received since its release.

“Our plan for the song is for the message to reach as many ears as possible around  Jamaica and the entire world and hopefully we can start to do the right thing,” he added.

Signed to Paypaz Chasaz Muzic and Love Star Music since April of this year, Millitant has been actively pursuing music for the past five years. Having started at an early age as a member of his church’s choir, the artiste has since then developed his craft, writing meaningful songs with messages that can resonate with his listeners. Known for past releases such as “Eliminate”, “Gifted & Chosen” and “Life Sentence”, he is now using his latest song to appeal to Jamaicans.

“I want the listeners to realize that we are our own enemies because the crime level is affecting everyone in the country. I see a lot of youths dying by the hands of criminals. How can there be a bright future for Jamaica if we’re killing off our future lawyers, doctors, nurses and teachers? Where will the future stand?” he stated. Following “Enough”, the artiste is actively working with the label on several projects that are slated for release later this year.

“Enough” is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.