Fred Locks & Sabolious: New videos & vinyl CD

Fred Locks Sabolious - New videos
For its very first release, the Anaves Music label of Sabolious is doing it big with the release of the superb EP “No To Racism” in the company of the legendary singer Fred Locks.

Recently, the legendary Jamaican singer Fred Locks celebrated his 70th birthday… Well known for his successful songs such as ‘Black Star Liners’ and ‘True Rastaman’ in the 70s, we find Fred Locks, in 2020, on the EP ” No to Racism ”produced by Sabolious, Austrian producer and saxophonist.

In today’s context of numerous incidents of racial discrimination, the song’s lyrics are contemporary and yet timeless. A powerful Dub Steppa production of which we can find 6 versions on the EP offered by the Anaves Music label, in vinyl CD and digital download!

Buy ”No To Racism” by Fred Locks & Sabolious on the Anaves Music label