The Global Soundclash event prior to Reggae Sumfest’s Main Nights features Selectors from around the World!

From Japan: YARD BEAT
from Canada: KING TURBO (World Clash Champions)
from Germany: WARRIOR SOUND 
plus Jamaican heavyweights: RICKY TROOPER and PINK PANTHER!

Jamaica’s rich music and culture which have impacted and infused itself throughout the world also produced the soundclash, which is one of the many musical standouts which originated in the country that birthed reggae and dancehall. More classically defined, a soundclash is a DJ battle (mostly in reggae and dancehall) where two collective sounds – consisting of one or more selectors (or DJs as they say in the U.S.) – go tune for tune. They often use custom remixes (aka dub plates) featuring drops from marquee artists to win over the audience.