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Mad World feat. Tahnee Rodriguez, Bettah Ferrari and Ras Mat I

Mad World
Available on YouTube and in free download the new single ‘Mad World’ and lyrics video by The Right Stuff with the participation of Tahnee Rodriguez, Bettah Ferrari and Ras Mat I.

Cover of a Tears for Fears classic dated 1982, it is reworked by the trio in an original rub-a-dub reinterpretation. The vocal parts alternate between the two beautiful and complementary voices of Tahnee Rodriguez and Bettah Ferrari in a captivating call and response interspersed with the captivating and rhythmic dj style of Ras Mat I.

A song that the band strongly wanted to release in this period due to its relevance to the historical moment. Can it be said that we are not living more than ever in a “crazy world” where we all “run in circles” without ever reaching a goal? The song’s sense of sadness and loneliness blends extraordinarily with the social distance we’ve been forced into in recent years.

The trio was born in 2017 and, composed of Shiny D, Davide Di Lecce and Robbie Dread, has collaborated with some of the most important singers of the Italian scene and beyond including Asante Amen (JA), Mark Foggo (UK), Adriano Bono, Virtus, Ras Mat I, Ras Tewelde, Treble and La Marina.

Among the various publications we remember “Aim To The Top” played by Right Stuff Stuff and sung by Ras Tewelde in combination with Sizzla (JA), produced by Bizzarri Records.

Mad World is available on Free Download