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Meta & The Cornerstones Release New Single “Breeze”

Meta & The Cornerstones Breeze
Meta & The Cornerstones continue to spread their message of peace, love, and harmony with their new single “Breeze.” Fronted by singer, songwriter and composer Meta Dia, Meta and the Cornerstones fuse a unique sound of afropop, hip-hop, rock and soul with a backbone of roots reggae.

Accompanied by a stellar music video, Breeze is the first single from the band’s forthcoming album DIA, due out later this year.
“Breeze” is the fight against oppression, of any form. Frontman Meta Dia says, “Breeze, for me, is peace, which clears the air, eliminates suffocation and keeps the universe breathing. It also represents gentle and swift progress.”

The single was written, composed, and produced by Meta Dia and recorded at Real World Studios, the legendary studio of Peter Gabriel. “Breeze” was inspired by the ‘undocumented’ citizens of the world, struggling on the borders to find freedom and a new beginning. “It is a calling for togetherness and forgiveness. Just like the breeze,” says Dia. The song reflects this message with lyrics like:

“Ain’t no wall between earth and sky
Ain’t no war between you and I
We are called to come together and learn from each other
No beg for rice, I take my rights
Every living life, is a living light yeah”

Hailed by Nat Geo Music as “the future of Reggae music,” Meta & The Cornerstones aim for their music to uplift and motivate people to see the beauty of life. Listen to their powerful new protest song “Breeze” here, and stay tuned for their upcoming studio album DIA.

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