Mosaic Riddim debuts Musical Souljahhs, World Deployment ’20/’21 album

2.It’s No Lie
4.Who’s To Say
5.(U a Fi Mi) Neeka
7.Eenie Meenie Minie Moe
8.Sun Sailing
10.Musical Souljahhs
11.Party Nah Done Yet



Mosaic symbolizes diversity assembling to strengthen the whole; same as ‘the Riddim of Life’ we can all attest to, and Feel though God’s Love.

“Have confidence: like the first spark of morning light against the entire night sky, recognize the Power and the Brilliance within you.” This quote flashed unedited into the mind of the lead singer/ songwriter for Mosaic Riddim, when he arrived in Egypt. Three weeks prior he experienced a lucid dream, being in the great pyramid (unbeknownst to him), just before he was serendipitously commissioned to write a book for a Montreal doctor living in Ismailia, two hours north of Cairo.

Marrett lived in her hotel, on the Suez Canal, conducting interviews during the day and writing the manuscript at night. It was during one of his breaks visiting the Giza pyramid that he revisited his dream, seeing it all again; from the inclined stair configuration, to the wooden railing, to the raised entrance to the king’s chamber at the summit of the pyramid, to the exact same words spoken by his Guide, ending his dream, being repeated by a stranger in the pyramid – “Turn around, turn around, turn around.”

From there to here he met Lou and had countless epiphanies, as he went on to develop curriculum, as a post secondary teacher, and invent the world’s first compact grey-water recycling system, with the Canadian government. He was also, remarkably, unlawfully evicted from his home by property managers and racists calling him, nigger. Still, during his time on the streets he managed to write 25 original roots reggae songs, and begin a reggae music band, Mosaic Riddim.

Their debut album, Musical Souljahhs, World Deployment ’20/’21, is a Journey — from revelations within epiphanies, to Life within Love unfolding in-between it All. It’s a story of Awakening, beginning with the first song, ‘Canvas,’ echoing what we are witnessing today, to the obvious messages within the final single, ‘Party Nah Done Yet.’

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