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Autarchii – Rise With The Sun – 2021

Autarchii Rise With The Sun
The young, energetic and radical Reggae artiste Autarchii recently announced that his EP will be released this summer and he is definitely giving the masses a taste of what’s to come.With ‘Pomps & Pride’ and ‘Black Beauty’ currently being in rotation on radio stations across several continents, Autarchii has decided to turn up the flame with the release of the single entitled ‘Rise With The Sun’.

‘Rise With The Sun’  is written by Autarchii and produced and composed by Kheilstone. This release is now available digitally across all platforms. The official music video, directed and edited by Quest Media in the Blue Mountains region of Jamaica, has been released simultaneously with the audio. Check it out on Autarchii’s YouTube channel: AutarchiiMusic.

RWTS is a song of gratitude. We recommend that all listeners make this a part of their morning ritual given that it encourages you to start your day right and rid yourself of all bad energy, ultimately allowing radiance to take control of your life. Never be ungrateful and always remember to count your blessings as you ‘Rise With The Sun.’