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Pesh Don educates consumers about ‘Smoking for Days’ on his new single

Pesh Don Smoking For Days
Jamaica Upcoming singjay Josh Blake, popularly known as Pesh Don, is giving the Dancehall fraternity fresh, new vocals with his unique flow and sound in new single “Smoking For Days”. The single is released on the Diamond Ink Productions and MusiqUk Recordz labels.

The St. Catherine native has been recording professionally for over seven years and has seen his previous songs, ‘More Money’ produced by Koolface Records and ‘Soon Alright’ produced by Diamond Ink Productions both receiving traction since their release two months ago.

‘More Money’ song is speaking about self-upliftment on one’s journey to success and staying firm on the road called life in order to maintain one’s family. The concept is to work hard to generate income for financial stability for one’s lifestyle and family, said Pesh Don.

The single ‘Smoking for Days’ was recorded to bring awareness, fun and promote the health benefits of marijuana to all consumers of the herb as his lyrics express ‘Inna di studio when mi cyaah find nuh meds, get some trees in mi head, and mek mi write up another song’.

It’s important to educate people who do not consume the herbs and to the consumers who herb. Marijuana can be used on your skin, hair and drink to help with certain chronic illnesses, he also would inform his friends who are cigarette smokers to stop the intake of caffeine and the damage it causes health wise,” said Pesh Don.

Pesh Don and his manager Iokeno Taylor of Diamond Ink Production are focusing on growing his fan base and delivering songs with great content with happy and fun vibes. Whilst developing his brand and getting him that breakthrough song to stamp his name amongst the greats in the music industry, said Mr. Taylor.

The video was shot by Ricky C in Garveymeade, St. Catherine and directed Nicolette Peterkin featured comedian Prince Pine and Tom Banks from Chyllspot Entertainment.