Quick Cook “Determine” The New Conscious Dancehall Music


quick cook
Jamaica Dancehall singjay, singer, and songwriter Quick Cook is back with a new conscious dancehall single named “Determine”. The song is released on the “Market Stall Riddim” and produced by Mustang Beats / VPal. The riddim is available on digital stores this month of November.

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This single is both a complain about one out of many miseries of life – the impacts of evil on persona progress – and a prayer to remain determine and free from bad mind people.

Meanwhile, Quick Cook is also currently promoting his debut EP titled “Pressure of Life”. Another musical project where the artist denounces another miseries of life : the high murder rate, the crime, the low standard of living of the people in Jamaica. The EP is distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital and produced by his record label called Bread Organisation. To watch the official video “Pressure Of Life”, click on the following link

Dancehall deejay, singer and songwriter in the music business for over a decade, Quick Cook has been working with international artists like Popcaan, Bugle, Krymist, Demarco, Konshen, Charley Blacks, Elephant man, and Assassin. Quick Cook has worked with producers like Keno 4Star Production, JustUS Production, Good Good Record, Russian, and his label Bread Organization.

Quick Cook is internationally known for his unique style and slang “quick quick quick quick” since his intro on Popcaan’s hit song “Party Shot”. Thereafter, his musical aura got biaised during couple years when his friend Popcaan became his ennemy. This beef went along with many criticism from some dancehall media and got other entertainers involved.

With an abundance of raw talent and years of performing under their belt, Quick Cook worked seriously since then to make his own ascent, keeping his message focus on life and quite all of his songs talking about the numerous struggles of survival.

The EP “Pressures Of Life” and the song “Determine” will make the listeners look at Quick Cook in a positive way and appreciate the level of this very unique conscious dancehall music.

For more music by Quick Cook, check out songs like “Grung Hot”, “Feel my pain”, “One Day”, “Game Over”, “Nuh Loose Mi Focus”, and “Dem Nuh Real”.

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