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Radit Echoman Releases New Single “Good System”

Radit Echoman  Good System
Radit Echoman Releases New Single “Good System”. This single was created based on Radit Echoman’s personal interaction with the sub-culture of Jamaican Music; “soundsystem.”

Transparency and flexibility in the realm of “soundsystem” is something that gives great meaning to Radit Echoman. In soundsystems, its biggest goal is to provide the best possible audio experience for any listeners. Hectic equalisation, boisterous and crowded frequency is not an easy thing to manage. However, with exploration (which is always wide open) in the “soundsystem” all these things are indeed manageable. Harmony as a precious goal to make people can enjoy the good good sound is the philosophy of the sound system.

This is indeed the case in the realm of sound installations. However, as a system, it is related to the various systems in the world. The hectic escalation of the country’s sociopolitics, starting from the pandemic and various other social issues, prompted Radit Echoman to write down the nature of the sub-culture “sound system”  he loved; he manifested his thought through the lyrics. Also as a form of his social awareness as an individual who is part of a country.

Wide open equalisation, honest frequency system and mutually beneficial symbiosis between all sound elements in this sound system, is like a metaphor for a good system.

This is the main theme of “Good System” Radit Echoman’s newest single. An important metaphorical message he’d like to convey.

“Good System” is already available on:

SPOTIFYAPPLE MUSICJOOX and another digital music store

Official Music Video of “Good System” available on Radit Echoman Youtube Channel