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Rankin Delgado debuts his first official album “Up Like Seven”

Rankin Delgado Up Like Seven
“Up Like Seven” is the first official album by Rankin Delgado released on May 15 in digital version on all platforms.

The nine tracks, that make up the album, are a collective photograph of the Italian reggae-dub scene and boast the participation of eight producers and two featuring from all over Italy, including: Wise Sound, Boot Loop, Legato Rob, Sealow, Freddie Stork, Maifriend, Double Spliff, Magista, Forelock and Mannaroman.
With all of them Rankin Delgado had the pleasure to share this long journey that ends with the release of his first official album.

“Up Like Seven” is pure Rankin Delgado, fully represents his musical vision and his continuous sound research and is the result of hard work that since March 2020, with the start of the first lockdown, has arrived to travel around Italy in search of inspiration and that has been strongly characterized by the birth of strong and numerous collaborations with producers and artists who have decided to take part in this ambitious project that is “Up Like Seven”.

Each of the songs that compose this album is a piece of shared and lived history, between sessions in the studio and under the Sound System.

From Dub to Reggae, from steppa rhythms to those upbeat, Rankin Delgado gives us a wonderful insight into a vision that, thanks to him, already seems very real and that really has so much to offer to this Italian musical universe with a decidedly international breath.