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Rhomanife releases new single “Celebrate”

rhomanife celebrate
Rhomanife drops visuals for new single “Celebrate”, out on all social channels and on world music platforms with the Sorridi Music label.

“Celebrate” A song of joy, of faith, of hope, of truth and of love, a new song for all the inhabitants of the earth. A song of blessings, a spiritual song that reaches the depths of the heart. Let he who has ears to hear hear. The blind will see, the deaf will hear, the dumb will sing, the lame will walk, the lepers will heal, the dead will rise again, the good news will reach all who have opened their hearts to the truth that will set them free.

Listeners are always left with the choice of the path to follow in their hearts … With new techniques, attractive graphics and enthusiasm, the video was shot and edited by the multifaceted artist Vito Sfogo Lirico in collaboration with Rhomanife.

The song was created, played and sung by Apulian musicians from the land of Bari: Gianni Somma (vocals and guitar), Pino Di Taranto (bass), Filomena De Leo (vocals), Antonella Lacasella (vocals), Nicola Boccuzzi (guitar) , Cosimo Lagioia (keyboards) and Francesco Bartoli (drums). Recorded and mixed at the Rhomanife studio by Gianni Rhomanife, the master of the piece was made by Treble Antonio Petrachi at Treblestudio.

A special thanks, for her perfect performance and masterful interpretation of the love message of the song, goes to Nicoletta Picciariello, LIS performer, who will allow listening even to those who are often unable to hear. They kindly collaborated artistically, in the translations and text: Francesca Faya, Mari Yah and Tano G. I Rhomanife therefore we invite you to subscribe to Rhomanife band social channels, put a like, comment under the video and share as much as possible, to spread the message of love and salvation, to true worshipers in spirit and in truth. I Rhomanife always with love for you.