Roadblock Dub Collective Releases “Dubrüderschaft – Dub Poetry Series”

Roadblock Dub Collective Dubrüderschaft
Dub unit duo from the city of Bandar Lampung, Indonesia,  (Iday & Sami) Roadblock Dub Collective  released “Dubrüderschaft – Dub Poetry Series.” A set of poetry incorporation in dub music. This set is the first in the series this year. “Dubrüderschaft – Series 1” consists of episodes; “Luka Kedalaman” and “Gita Sukma Meredam Babel.”

Both episodes, “Luka Kedalaman” and “Gita Sukma Meredam Babel”  already aired via https// and were saved on Roadblock’s youtube channel at 19 & 26 February 2021. Audio format will be available for free download via Bandcamp on February 26, 2021.

“Dubrüderschaft” is a portamentau of the word Dub & Brüderschaft, with the interpretation referring to a collaboration in the dub. In this premiere series, Roadblock Dub Collective shares the energy with two guests of honor.

First guest is Bayu Widodo, an artist from the city of Yogyakarta, founder and owner of an alternative art space called SURVIVE! Garage. This form of art is an attitude that represents his political action. He shares his energy in this series through the poem “Luka Kedalaman”.

The next guest is Yedijah Roots, a lecturer at the Faculty of Letters at the University of Papua, Manokwari – West Papua. He is also a roots reggae singer (who is preparing for his solo debut this year), and he is one of the founders of the “Komunitas Rasta Kribo” in Jayapura. He shares his energy in this series through the poem “Gita Sukma Meredam Babel”.

Dubrüderschaft – Series 1 production process is carried out separately, adapting to today’s global situation. Although not directly in the same room and time, Roadblock Dub Collective and their two guests of honor were solid to share their spirit.

Yedijah Roots explained a little about his poetry, “Music, poetry and songs are prayers, as well as weapons. It is one of the best media to express the wrath. ‘Gita Sukma Meredam Babel’ is like a prayer to trodding down Jericho wall which comes from the ‘sick and tired-ness’ about the gibberish of isms and skism game around us”.

Meanwhile, Bayu Widodo said: “Words come from an event and a reality. For us to try to continue to live and live humanity up. Word also prayer, and a sign for a moment to ponder inward. About Who we really are”. He also explained a little about his poetry, “‘Luka Kedalaman” is a story about the world of power and control, the weapons, the capital. Until we forget that we (should) celebrate the diversity and to humanize the humans”.

The artwork for Dubrüderschaft was done by Roadblock Dub Collective’s long-time ally, Nugroho Arif Prabowo. An artist who has also created the logo, artworks and directed music videos for Roadblock Dub Collective in the last three years.