Shella Topstar on the Promotional Trail for “Options”

Shella Topstar Options
Dancehall artiste Shella Topstar has a brand new single currently blazing the airwaves titled “Options.” Produced by Axim Records.

“The track “Options” is about my personal life; if I’m with a girl and she decides to leave, I’m not going to stalk her,or be obsessive like other men because I have many other females waiting in line, many more choices,” the artiste explained. The song also ties into issues in society.

“I’ve seen over the past months where men are killing women because they want to leave them and that is purely wasteman behavior. If a woman wants to leave, let her go, it’s her choice but I guess they don’t have any OPTIONS,” he added. The track infuses Dancehall and Reggae over a high energy beat.

“This is a great song that everyone can enjoy, both males and females from all age groups, so I expect nothing but the best from this track,” the artiste expressed.

The accompanying music video, which was directed by Michael “Don1” Daley, premiered on the artiste’s VEVO page on September 26 and features scenes across Montego Bay and Trelawny.

“It’s been racking up numbers on Instagram and I would like to see the same thing for my VEVO channel. So I want to encourage fans to subscribe to ShellaVevo on Youtube,” he said.

With a steadily growing catalogue of Dancehall hits, Shella Topstar is known for tracks such as “Cold Iron”, “Special”, “Profit”, “Round & Round” and “Prove Dem Wrong.” While he has been releasing new music throughout the year, many of his plans had to be stalled due to the ongoing global pandemic.

“It has made a significant impact on me as an artiste, I had bookings for major events months in advance that had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic but I understand why it had to be done. We need to practice social distancing to lower the spread of the virus and the sooner everyone gets onboard with that, the sooner we can go back to normal and I can get back to shelling stage shows,” he said.

Nevertheless, the artiste is still looking ahead and has more planned for the near future.

“You can look forward to more music, especially my upcoming collaboration with the baddest female Dancehall artist. I also have more music videos and interviews coming up and hopefully things get better in regards to COVID-19 so you can expect more stage shows as well,” the artiste disclosed.

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