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Teronic Gives a Message Hope in New Song ‘Til Better Comes’

Teronic Til Better Comes
Jamaican singer Teronic has a message of hope to those who are in need, with his single “Til Better Comes.”

“The song is about maintaining good hope when experiencing hard times. It’s based on the scripture that states ‘sorrows endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.’ This idea is applied to my song both in the mundane and spiritual sense,” the artiste explained. Reaching into a personal space, he created the song by relaying his own experiences through thought provoking and inspiring messages.

“As a Christian I suffer, having hope of one day being received by my Lord Jesus in the place He prepared for me. As a man in this world, I’ve been through a lot and suffered many hardships, before grasping the good of this world,” he added. Since its release, the track has been receiving good feedback.

“The most important outcome I want for this song is that it benefits listeners, according to their needs. Also, I’m hoping that it will help me to reach higher heights in my career,” he added.

An accompanying video for the single, which was shot in Nashville, Tennessee, has just been released and has been racking up the views.

Currently based in Kissimmee, Florida, the singer has cultivated his own sound by marrying Gospel Reggae to Christian Hip Hop. While certain activities have been limited due to the ongoing pandemic, he has been using the time to work diligently on his craft.

“In these times, I’ve taken some time off to attend to some personal details and to improve in music,” he elaborated. As the work continues, the artiste has more projects in the pipeline.

“I’m currently working on a song entitled “My Cry” and I’m expecting to record another one called “Chose Me” soon. I also have a praise and worship song to complete called “One With You,” he revealed.