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The Late Ones Announce ‘The Pregame Tour’

The Pregame Tour
Conscious reggae/hip-hop hybrid band The Late Ones are headed out on “The Pregame Tour,” a warm up run of shows coming ahead of their national tour in support of their debut album. TLO will be performing dates in California, Hawaii, Florida, and Costa Rica before embarking on their full U.S. national tour in May. Their debut album The Fourth Quarter, out now on Easy Star Records, is the result of the group’s work, finding their voice and sound during a global pandemic, social injustices, and a hunger for conscious music to return. Listen and download the album at

“The Pregame Tour” concept is close to the band’s heart, with band member Tui Avei stating, “This tour comes from our love of the game of basketball as we grew up playing it. We have always tried to apply what we learned from ball to life and to music, and this is really full circle for us.” The Late Ones add, “We are going for a more hip hop drum beat vibe which is working really nicely for us and we are so excited to share our TLO sound with the fans!”

Although they are hitting the road, the band is excited to make a couple of hometown stops beginning in the Los Angeles area in Huntington Beach and Hermosa Beach and continuing to their second home, Hawaii. They explain, “We always love California, specifically Los Angeles as that is where we were born, but we are also stoked to play in our second home (Hawaii) again, as well as to our new fans in Costa Rica.” On the tour, they will be joined by Costa Rican Reggae band Earthstrong. The band states, “I met Marco (from Earthstrong) on IG and we’ve been planning this for years, so it’s very cool to see this come to fruition. This is their first tour in America so we know it’s going to be special.”

The Late Ones are known for using their music as a tool to speak out against oppression and injustice, bringing a youthful and powerful presence to the reggae community, along with a unique spin by throwing old school hip hop to the mix. Think of the Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, and A Tribe Called Quest collaborating with The Mighty Diamonds or Culture, and you get a sense of what this band’s sound is like. The group consists of brothers Tui Avei (lead vocals) and Tau Avei (vocals), along with their cousin Josh Brunson (vocals), combined to blend “…a seamless fusion of the grooves and harmonies of mid/late ’70s reggae with the incisive bars of ’90s Native Tongues-style rap,” according to Brooklyn Vegan.

The Fourth Quarter is the culmination of the band’s 5-year journey battling through adversity whilst recording the album that addresses the current state of the world from the perspective of three young conscious men of color. The songwriting process for the project was unreal and natural. “We would take some really simple chords but put the hip hop cadence with it and some really special lyrics and vibes and bam we would have the foundation for a dope track,” says Tui. “It continues to amaze me to this day, how this all fell into place as we worked on it. I remember the Bible was a guiding light lyrically and we have always looked there for topics for songs. It’s the TLO style.”

The band is thrilled to bring their breakout debut The Fourth Quarter to the concert stage.Tui says, “Mahalo to everyone supporting TLO since the jump and really supporting us conscious artists as there are not too many. We really want to change the world with our music and feel this time around, we will be able to have our message penetrate the masses.” Catch The Late Ones live as they warm-up before their national tour in May.

Listen to The Fourth Quarter album here:

The Pregame Tour Dates:

March 3rd 2022 : The Holding Company (SD)

March 6th 2022 : Sealegs (Huntington Beach)

Tower 12 (Hermosa Beach)

March 12th 2022 : NextdoorHi (Chinatown, Hi)

March 13th 2022 : DaPlayground (Maui, Hi)

March 16th 2022 : Guanabanas (Jupiter, FL)

March 20th 2022 : Cafe Eleven (St Augustine)

March 25th 2022 : Palio Sabana Club (San Jose)

March 26th 2022 : Pinto Quemado (Playa Grande)

April 1st 2022 : Jungles Edge (Nosara)

April 2nd 2022 : Las Olas (Samara)