The Wise Bloods deliver defiant yet unifying new single ‘Soul Rock Reggae’

Soul Rock Reggae
The Wise Bloods new single in its name ‘Soul Rock Reggae’, suggests a deviation from the usual formula of roots reggae. Where the track provides a steady pumping roots rockers groove, the vocals deliver a rhythmic top melody with a defiant hip hop attitude flanked with powerful soulful backing vocals.

As the name suggests, soul rock reggae gives reggae listeners a new blend of styles that break from the usual formulaic expectations, giving rise to a name that sets it apart. Lead singer Jesse James explains that, ‘although some traditions are broken, the new sound and style retain the important foundations of roots reggae that a lot of modern additions to the genre water down: namely, real genuine reflections and truths for the people who find themselves at odds with mainstream conformist society.

Jesse explains, ‘roots reggae is a revolutionary music because it brings the listener to a mental and spiritual space of celebration, where society’s narratives and expectations are dismantled to expose the power structures they impose. This is done from relevant reflections and references to the world with a purpose to expose the hypocrisy and malevolent aspects within society that are oppressing people. It is not done by symbolically waving a banner that says revolution just because it fits the reggae archetype… what I’m saying is that for reggae musicians to bring genuine value to the world today, artists have to think hard about what they are saying, not just show some kind of attitude’.

Soul Rock Reggae is an inspiring call to arms that rallies the listener to face challenges and hardships of the day with prowess, style and mutual support as they take reggae music as their companion. “We are saying, if you value a peaceful life and wish to allow others to live in peace, if greed isn’t at the centre of your compass, but more trees, mountains, the beauty of nature, a fairer world and the feel of bass in your heart is what gets you out of bed, then this music is for you and we are with you,” says Jesse , “it’s (Soul Rock Reggae) about pulling up the amazing conscientious people in the world seeking to be part of making a better world , but forever being met with scorn, ridicule, put downs and obstacles by those who can’t see beyond confines of the indifferent and oppressive system they perpetuate. ”

Soul Rock Reggae marks the first of a series of releases that will culminate as the next EP from The Wise Bloods. It releases digitally on all platforms on 10th July. A lyric video premieres on High Stereo Love Youtube channel on 3rd July and a lockdown style video premieres on Reggaeville youtube channel 7th July.