Voice x Kes – Dear Promoter (Official Audio & Short Film)


Voice x Kes x Peter Minshall - Dear Promoter (Official Audio & Short Film)
Voice x Kes x Peter Minshall – Dear Promoter

Two of the biggest International Soca voices came together to release a patriotic Pro-Trinidadian soca song for the upcoming 2020 Trinidad Carnival and beyond. We are talking about Aaron Voice St Louis (Voice) and Kees Dieffenthaller (Kes).

Song name is “Dear Promoter” and from the first second it was published by Soca Music Tv on social media to the world there has been a serious buzz about the hit making potential of this tune.

“Dear Promoter” is produced by Captain John and mix mastered by well known Trinidadian producers ‘Precision Productions’.

Dear Promoter Short Film
“Minshall on Minshall”

Video Credits:
Directed by: Shayad ‘Plexx’ Andrews
Produced by: Aaron ‘Voice’ St Louis
Prod Assist: Christian Burkett, Gervail Lemo
Monologue: Peter Minshall
Score/Mix: Kasey Phillips

Watch it, enjoy it, share it and remember you’re not just From the Caribbean…you Are a Caribbean!