“Wise Up” & “Wise Up Dubwize” by Sounds Of The Ancients Twin Albums

Sounds of the Ancients Wise Up
“Wise Up” & “Wise Up Dubwize” by Sounds Of The Ancients Twin Albums
Label: Flako Hi Power
Release date: 15/12/20

Wise Up : https://ampl.ink/LQzb3
Wise Up Dubwize : https://ampl.ink/wPVzq

The Context:
The paradisiac island of Jamaica, the peaceful hypnotic sounds of Reggae Music and the Herb smoking dreadlocked Rastaman are indissociable in the public’s mind, but most people don’t realize that for the most part of last century, the members of the Rastafari Movement in Jamaica have been subjected to violent repression and discrimination by the Jamaican Government and Establishment.

In April 2017, the Jamaican Government apologized officially for the Coral Garden Massacre in 1963 (1). Due to their exclusion from employment and constant persecution for decades, the survivors are now Elders, living in terrible condition, with many suffering health issues.

The Music:
Sounds of the Ancients is a concept developed by Ras Flako Tafari, owner of Wisemind Publications and Flako Hi-Power Sound System, author and respected member of the Rastafari Community in Jamaica, as a way to raise funds for the Rastafari Elders in Jamaica. He teamed up with Rastafari brother and music producer Itekted to give us this collection of songs. The worlds of Wisdom and Love of such Ancients as Nanny, Cutty, Joslyn, Enyd, Bongo Time and Bongo Isaac pulsating to hypnotic Steppers Dub Reggae sounds.

The ten songs composing Wise Up are given the “Dub Treatment” in Wise Up Dubwize for a different, more cinematic audio journey.

To fulfill the Rastafari Creed: “Let the hungry be fed, the aged protected, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the infants cared for”, all proceeds from sales go to support the Rastafari Elders in need in Jamaica, in terms of housing and healthcare.